The following Terms of Use govern your use of the website "", trade name used on the web Logymak ownership Distributions, SL. and conditions of purchase of products and contracting services offered through the Website.

By accepting these Terms of Use, the user allows the client be, and your data will become part of the file "database? Logymak society, SL, and treatment of these files will be as set in the Privacy Policy. offers products and services, or third-party contributors, and offers the possibility of its procurement through our website or third parties. The users want to browse our website and purchase products or services or hire must have the status of "Registered", which is acquired by completing the registration form, agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and following the steps could ask later.

So any customer shall be subject to these conditions of use and its privacy policy at the same time as the acceptance. And turn any changes can be made afterwards.
The registered user who accesses the Web must be over 18 with sufficient legal capacity to meet these conditions and abligaciones and rights arising.

The operational framework of this Web site is restricted to the peninsula and the Balearic Islands. Being at our will the ability to operate in another country of the European community.


Our guests can invite family and friends so they too can become registered customers at no cost for any of them. However, in order to preserve the intent of this initiative is forbidden massive affiliations.
When a registered customer remains affiliate will receive a € 10 gift voucher in your account and, at the time you make your first purchase will be charged another € 10 gift voucher to the account of the customer who has invited him immediately. The enrollment gift voucher amount will be deducted from the purchase of products where this exceeds 50 € (shipping costs and indirect taxes are not included). reserves the right to cancel the bonus gift when you notice fraudulent use or misuse of the membership system. It is considered fraudulent or improper use, among others, sending email affiliations between accounts of the same person.
When a Client sends membership a relative or friend, will the Customer who respond to any liability arising from such membership.

Products and Services

All products and services of this website, contain descriptions for informational our customers, this documentation is provided by our suppliers and partners. It uses both photographs of products and services, explanatory text, mark and all information that may arise and to be useful for our customers.
When a product is available on our web site after the time of purchase being made by our client, will contact our client to deal with partial or total cancellation of your order, or change product with one chosen by our client, and if the case of total cancellation pay the full amount of the order. offers its customers the opportunity to arrange their trips through travel partner company Business Center, SL (Hereinafter BTC) Travel agency with over 10 years experience in the sector. With this collaboration offers clients have access to a travel agency to plan your holidays, short breaks, business travel and a myriad of services that can provide a travel agency just a click. For its part BTC is committed to seeking the lowest price of the market and to give preferential service to customers

Prices of Goods and Services

The prices of products and services offered through our website include VAT. But do not include shipping costs of the products. These costs are detailed in the payment process and may have different values ​​depending on season, time of bid or destination.
Shipping prices are very economical because Capricciooutlet works with leading packaging companies in the sector, trying to offer competitive prices. Besides these prices capriccooutlet, beware the possibility of free shipping in general or specific to our clients. So has the libertat capricciooutlet to modify shipping prices at any time. Obviously, a rate change in the shipping price will not change orders already placed., get some prices of their products with a discount of 40 to 70%. On our website will always seasonal price and the price we offer for our customers to see the amount they save.

In terms of services, BTC seek for our clients the most advantageous rates whatever the requested service both flights tickets, hotels, rental cars etc. Getting to offer our customers the best possible prices in the market.

Purchase of Products

To purchase products or services on our website, our customer first must be fully registered. Our website if it is not already asked to finish that record.
The purchase of a product by our client is performed as follows:

Once our customer fills your "SHOPPING CART" and confirm the order should choose the method of payment, once this process, will send an email confirming your order and the details of it.

Once processed your order, inform you via email when your order leaves our warehouse in addition to informing the issue number of the courier company to be used in your order. Through the website of our partner company in transport may track your shipment.

For the acquisition of a trip or service related to our travel agency, should complete the form within the journey offered or if they want a destination deferens, travel within the "WHERE TO GO?". Once you submit the form, our partner agency (BTC) will be in touch with our customer to finish the trip plan and bid or service requested. The processing of payment and supporting documentation shall be made through the travel agency.
BTC will do all the follow up and take care of our clients to meet their needs. In addition to billing for these services will also be billed directly by BTC. only acts as an intermediary in order to offer our customers a service. So our client will accept and BTC ask about their rights and obligations by accepting these for recruiting services. Once our client to accept the offer provided through BTC and marketing conditions, longer has responsibility for any problems on the engagement of services and the BTC will take up these responsibilities, both in rights and in obligations.

These Terms of Use may be changed if our contractors request us to inform our customers, changes in duties or rights that are not clear in this section, both for our customers and for our business partners to Capricciooutlet. com.

In case of conflict or contradiction to hiring a service, these Terms of Use will be canceled and will be in force from our partner company or described in the signing of the contract between our customers and BTC. So our client should carefully read the conditions imposed BTC for hiring a specific service, and each service can also derive different use conditions.

Both the products and the services, all the information found on each tab, is provided by our suppliers or business partner. With these data we try to give as much detail of the products or services to be acquired.

Payment for Products
Payment of the price and shipping of products purchased through our website is made by our client through our payment gateway connected to the financial institution issuing the credit card. At that time occurs sending to email the Customer by email an acknowledgment and confirmation of the purchase. This email will serve our client as proof of purchase and you can also get a copy in the 'My Account: Orders ".

Our customers can pay by credit or debit Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron and / or other cards accepted by our payment gateway, or through the PAYPAL payment system. The card with which payment is made shall be as issuing financial institution to a bank or Spanish savings bank or financial institution branch or subsidiary of a foreign financial institution established in Spain.
If your card through fraudulent charges occur on our website, please immediately contact us through the following mail So that we may take steps that we believe appropriate. through our bank La Caixa de Pensions de Barcelona, ​​has security protocols which we ensure that transactions are in the format of "BUY SAFE". This secure payment service uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer). The secure server establishes a connexion so that the information is transmitted encrypted using 128-bit algorithms, which ensure that only intelligible to the computer of the Member and Web Site. Thus, when using the SSL protocol ensures:
- The Client is communicating their data to the server and not to any other.
- That between the client and the server center encrypted data is transmitted, avoiding access or use by third parties.

In turn, states that do not have access or store sensitive data relating to the payment method used by the Partner. Only the relevant entity payment processor has access to this data by way of managing payments and collections. Once the purchase process generates an electronic document concluding the contract and that the member may print and that is stored in the "My Account: Orders".

Furthermore, just implemented a security protocol to try to identify possible fraudulent transactions within our website. This reserves the right to request additional documentation or information to our clients in order to authenticate the voluntariness of our client before receiving one or more orders and payments. We also reserve the right to make phone calls, according to data provided by our customers in their file, to check and ensure the authenticity of our client as well as the voluntary nature of the purchase.
All of this additional information and our partner have asked if it comes within a maximum of one week, cancel that order and made the payment of the total amount of the order in question.

This process is to ensure the safety of our customers and therefore, the customer, by accepting these Terms of Use agree to submit to the procedure of detecting possible fraudulent transactions described above, without liability to and authorizes the same way so that, once the Customer provides the information and documents referred to above, these are used for future transactions that clients do the same.

As regards the payment of services, will make all under the terms of the BTC collaborating travel agency. Without have any obligation or right of any problems or disputes that may generate the purchased service contracting.

Order Cancellation and expansion

Our customers may cancel orders accepted with mail order confirmation. The settlement date may appear in two different conditions, if the order has left our warehouse, or if you are still under preparation. If the order is still in our warehouse and will receive a cancellation email in the email address, our logistics department will stop shipping and handling pay the full amount or partial order according to the instructions received by our client. In the event that the cancellation of the order is partial will finish processing the order and will be sent. This process can cause the 72h that is as fulfilling shipping (depending on the product this delivery time can vary, so if the product description will be properly explained), to lengthen and can reach their destination in 72 hours more.
Conversely, if the order has already left our warehouse, the Customer shall bear the cost of returning the order at our warehouses and packing cost if applicable. Once we have received the product / s to our warehouse located Garbí, 2. 08850 GAVA - Barcelona - SPAIN. Our Returns department will review the condition of the merchandise. If the product is in perfect condition within a maximum of 7 working days will be processed the payment of the amount of the order in question.
Possible reasons to deny a refund can be a bad product that is partially or completely broken, with odors, stains, containing no brand labels and / or ours.

If a customer wants to extend an order already in process, you can. reserves the authority to extend this order or to send as if it were a new one. The costs of the extension of an order will be informed to our customers. reserves the right to cancel or classified as no order as explained in the section "PRODUCTS PAYMENT".

Delivery Order promises to deliver the product in perfect condition to the address indicated by the Customer in the section "PERSONAL". For the delivery process syndicate a direction which it is possible to deliver the goods during business hours.
If at the time of delivery of the Product to the address indicated, the Customer is absent, the company in charge of delivery will notice in writing to the Customer contact that company and remain in a new day and hour. If within 7 days from the date of notice You have not been in contact with the shipping company, the company will process the return of the goods to the premises of If the partner after these days want it sent back the goods will be responsible for redelivery costs and processing. NOT responsible for any errors in the directions that our customers have made at the time of signing up for the web log. So I ask you at the time of your order to check and verify that your address is correct to avoid problems later. reserves can deliver the instant orders with different dates in a single package.

At the time of delivery of the order, the Customer must present your ID to the shipping company responsible, signing the delivery note and request a copy. If the client does not show an ID or do not sign the delivery note, NOT authorize the company doing delivery to leave the product owned by our Client. undertakes to deliver the goods within 72 hours of order acceptance. Also inform the user email client when the material has left our warehouse and issue number of the company doing the deal. With this number from the website of the shipping company can track the shipment.
The delivery time of 72 hours, the expression on weekdays. On Saturdays, Sundays or holidays regional, state or local this may be varied delivery, understanding that not have responsibility for this.

The day sends the mail confirming that the material has left our warehouse, from the next day before 19pm the company providing the transport to deliver the material to our Customer at the address provided.

Product is deemed to have been delivered when the transport company doing us know that has been done, there is a record on the website of the company and notified by us through the account manager for each client in the section "ORDERS ".

Product Return and cancellation of Services

Our Customers have within seven days to notify through mail who want to process the return of a product. will contact with our customer to inform them of the next steps in that case. The costs associated with returning the product will be charged to the client.

After 7 working days from delivery of the product to their address given, not accept any returns, whether partial or total order processed.

For reasons of hygiene and health, reserves the right to restrict or returns of items erotic underwear, cosmetic creams and / or power, it is not possible to send these items sealed Partners. When sent them sealed, not accept the return of the same, if these have been unsealed by the Partners.

For a product to be processed by our Returns department be authorized as eligible for return and partial or full payment of the amount of the order, these assumptions must be met:

1) The Product must be in the same condition as delivered and shall keep the instructions, documentation, accessories, labels own brand or ours and, as far as possible their original packaging.
2) The return must be made using the same type of box or envelope used in delivery or, failing that, at some similar format. So to ensure the return of the Products in perfect condition. If the product in question carry protective materials should also be used by customers for shipping.
3) Include a copy of proof of purchase and the delivery order of the Products within the package. Also in the mail where you start the return by our client were clearly should explain the reasons. If the return is partial, both in the mail and in the copy of the order must indicate clearly the products returned.

Upon receipt of the merchandise, our Returns Department will review the product and give the epithet of fit or unfit as appropriate. In both cases, send an email to the customer reporting the result and explain the next steps.
After a suitable in return agrees to make payment of the amount of the product in question within 7 working days. The payment system will be the same amount by which the order was placed, although this is negotiable or modified in any way.

As we have explained the Customer will be refunded partially or completely if the product arrives in our store without any deterioration, ie are in the same condition as when they were sent, have not been used (except as necessary for adequacy with expectations ) washes, damaged, unsealed when, in the case of underwear or erotic articles, cosmetic creams and / or feed-sealed have been sent. In the event that the returned products are lost before reaching dependencies, not entertain any claim because it should be remembered that this transport will be arranged by the customer directly. This will be the customer who will manage this loss with your carrier. If the package does not appear finally, be without obligation to refund the amount of the product.

Delivery of defective products

In the event that the product arrives at its address stated with some deterioration in its packaging, it is imperative that the Customer indicated on the bill of the company providing the transport, which arrives in good condition NO.
If after opening the packaging the product in question is impaired should contact us and tell through the case. We will contact the shipping company and begin the process to return the product at no cost to our customer.
This product will be replaced at no cost for our Client. In the event that we no longer have that product, process the refund or inform them if they want to make a product change for something similar. Available to the Customer being the solution to adopt.


The products have the legal guarantee for non-conformity of them to manifest in a period of two (2) years from the date of delivery and in accordance with applicable regulations. The Member shall inform of the lack of conformity within a period of two (2) months after he has knowledge of it.
The warranty offered corresponds to that established in the Royal Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, approving the revised text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users ..
The warranty does not cover defects caused by neglect, beatings, use or misuse, unsuitable voltage, electrical accidents, installation and / or use not in accordance with the instructions or not performed by authorized service when appropriate, or materials or Perishables, subject to wear from normal use or consumables. Excluded from warranty are products modified or repaired by the Customer or any other person authorized by the manufacturer or supplier. As for the Computer, the warranty does not cover virus removal, software recovery for this reason, or reinstalling the software caused by deletion of the same.
Among other cases, the customer is not entitled to exercise the warranty of the product and therefore the warranty does not apply:
a) if modified, altered or changed some of the details of the warranty of the Products provided or proof of purchase of the Products.
b) if you handle or repair the identification number and the Product secured without the knowledge and authorization of the service or the company issuing the guarantee.
c) if no proof of purchase of the Products.
To make use of the warranty, it is essential to the conservation of the receipt of the Products.
In the event that the manufacturer warranties granted additional business for its exercise, will require the preservation of relevant security certificate.
The Customer shall follow, at all times, the brand brochure and instructions for proper use and installation of the product and all warranty information.
The Customer may exercise the warranty of a product according to current regulations on ensuring consumer products. In case of doubt, the Customer may be contacted through for help on the steps and information necessary for the presentation of the relevant claims. is a registered trademark in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office under no. M 2690583, F 2690585, 2690587 M, so it is expressly forbidden to use any of the same or any similar identifying mark can lead to confusion about its origin or owned by third parties without prior written permission of Logymak Distributions, SL
The websites "" domains registered by Logymak Distributions, SL These domains and brand can not be used without prior express written authorization of Logymak, SL, in connection with other services that are not Logymak distributions would, SL in any manner likely to cause confusion among customers or discredit of Logymak Distributions, SL

Law and Jurisdiction
These Terms of Use are governed by Spanish law.
In case of dispute or disagreement arising from the purchase of Products and / or Services via the Website and / or these Terms of Use and the resolution of any disputes, the parties agree to submit, at its option, and to waive any other jurisdiction to which they may be entitled to the courts and tribunals of the city for the address of the Member or User.
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